Meet the Team

Matt Speirs

Founder / Director

Hobbies & Interests: Running and Singing in Alcester Male Voice Choir

How long have you worked for Arrow: Since before we even started the business in 1997.

Your favorite product: We have so many brands and in the main love them all. We have some incredible exclusive Salon Professional only brands with independent distributors such as ASP Affinage, It&ly, Sienna X, Hive, Lisap, and some of them I have dealt with for 20 + years. I love the quirkiness of Milk_shake and Reuzel which is new to us in 2020 and we get some great support from the National Brands in all aspects of the business.

Favourite experience: So many as I watched the business grow, but opening the new store 3 years ago at the same time as winning UK and Ireland Distributor of the year for 2017/18 for Affinage has to be a highlight. Also how the team has pulled together during COVID has been heartwarming to watch.

We have an amazing customer base and many of them and many of our suppliers I am proud to call friends. We have supported each other through good times and bad and our team has proven time and time again that we are the friendliest and most caring wholesaler in the region. It is not just a job for us, we understand that our customers are key to our success and that we need to support them and help them grow their businesses to allow us to succeed in our business.

Hannah Collins

Business Support Manager

Hobbies & Interests: Cold water swimming.

How long have you worked for Arrow: 14 years

Your favourite product: Cuccio - so many colours and so much choice.

Favourite experience: Loved getting to know customers in store and on the road. And Christmas parties of course!

Sara Duncan

Sales Team Manager

Hobbies & Interests: Wellbeing and Kindness.

How long have you worked for Arrow: I've worked for Arrow for over 4 years, I began as an Account Manager and I'm now managing our sales team out on the road which I love.

Your favourite product: It would have to be ASP Kitoko Oil, it smells lovely!

Favourite experience: I have experienced many favourite moments with my 18 years in the industry but the awards are always a highlight, getting glam and mixing with so many amazing talented people.

Sian Evans

Account Manager

Hobbies & Interests: I love going to the gym and spending time with my friends and family.

How long have you worked for Arrow: 1 and a half years

Your favourite product: Big perk of the job is being able to try so many different products from top professional brands. I'd say my favourites would have to be ASP's Anti Yellow Masque and Milkshakes Incredible Milk!

Favourite experience: Swimming with turtles & one of my work highlights would be attending the Hair and Beauty Awards which we were sponsoring.

Maxim Marcus

Self Employed Account Manager

Hobbies & Interests: Fitness and health, Barbering and Hair & Beauty, Art & Design

Your favourite product: I personally really enjoy using products designed by Wahl. Being both stylish and reliable, each item is really fun to use! The brand really focuses on being on top of the game, ahead of any competition - just like I aspire to be - as a barber myself.

Favourite experience: The challenge learning about our industry. Learning why our products are so desirable and the best for Hairdressers and Barbers across the country.

Natalie Giles

Store Team Leader

Hobbies & Interests: Being a hairdresser myself, I love making people feel good about themselves and listening to people. I also love gardening and going for long walks.

How long have you worked for Arrow: 1 year

Your favourite product: My favourite brand would have to be Milkshake, most of you will know I love sampling out their coloured whipped creams.

Favourite experience: Snorkeling in Greece and my favourite work experience would have to be the Arrow christmas party!

Millie Olivia Davenport

Store Team

Hobbies & Interests: I've always had an interest in Hair & Makeup from a young age, I also really love all things fashion.

How long have you worked for Arrow: 1 year

Your favourite product: My favourite brands would have to be L'oreal and Milkshake, I love the Milkshake coloured whipped creams - they smell yummy!

Favourite experience: Attending fun work events such as the Hair & Beauty Awards.

Will Wilson

Furniture & Clipper Expert.

Hobbies & Interests: I enjoy mountain biking and visiting different places. I also enjoy going on walks and socialising with friends.

How long have you worked for Arrow: 4+ years

Your favourite product: I love our new brand Reuzel, love their style and branding and enjoy trying out their different pomades.

Favourite experience: Flying a glider solo.


Delivery driver

Hobbies & Interests: Allotment gardening and currently studying music.

How long have you worked for Arrow: 3+ years

Your favourite product: Reuzel.

Favourite experience: : Best memories would be holidaying with my grandchildren.

Jade Griffiths

Store team holiday cover

Hobbies & Interests: I love playing netball and going out with my friends and family

How long have you worked for Arrow: 5 years, I started as the Saturday girl, and now I help out as much as I can when I’m at home from uni.

Your favourite product: I love the Milkshake whipped cream, it smells so nice!

Favourite experience: My favourite work experience is getting to catch up with the team, especially our Christmas nights out!


Store Saturday Girl

Hobbies & Interests: I love dancing, and have been doing freestyle and latin since I was little.

How long have you worked for Arrow: 1 year

Your favourite product: My favourite product would have to be the Milkshake Glistening Serum.

Favourite experience: My favourite work experience was going to my first Arrow Christmas party

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